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Al Habtoor Group Redefines Opulence with the Launch of Ultra Residences & Sky Villas at Al Habtoor Tower


Al Habtoor Group announces the official launch of the highly anticipated Ultra Residences & Sky Villas at Al Habtoor Tower, situated atop Dubai's latest landmark. The tower offers an unparalleled living experience and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Canal, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, and Meydan.

The Ultra Residences & Sky Villas, spanning levels 76 to 82, signify the pinnacle of engineering, design, and planning. Mohamed Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman & CEO of Al Habtoor Group expressed, “Proudly introducing the epitome of luxury in our milestone achievement at Al Habtoor Tower, a true reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence. Surpassing construction expectations, our early delivery is a testament to our dedication to precision and timely project completion, setting new standards in the realm of architectural achievement.”

The Ultra Residences & Sky Villas, located over 300 meters high, offer world-class amenities such as the highest terraced gardens and private residential pools, providing residents with a luxurious living experience. The villas boast 360-degree panoramic views of Dubai, allowing residents to soak up the stunning views of the city. The energy-efficient glass windows reduce energy bills by 60%, and the fastest elevators in the world optimize movement to minimize waiting times.

Thomas Murdoch, Deputy General Manager, of Al Habtoor Real Estate said “This is a momentous day for us at the Al Habtoor Real Estate. The Ultra Residences and Sky Villas are a testament to our commitment to delivering the best in luxury living. Al Habtoor Tower stands out as a global exemplar by intricately focusing on details, curating an exclusive resident experience that harmonizes privacy and security with effortless access and convenience.”

The construction of the tower utilizes higher-grade steel, reducing carbon emissions by up to 50%, and innovative construction techniques such as the Deep Piling Foundation, enabling the construction to save at least 6 months of construction time.

The Sky Villas consist of 16 exclusive units that offer luxurious features such as private pools, large terraces, and a 3.8-meter ceiling height. Each Sky Villa provides a unique view within the tower, and unit merging options allow for additional flexibility. Due to their high-end amenities, the demand for these Sky Villas is expected to be very high.

The Al Habtoor Tower is a multi-billion Dirhams development that promises to be a marvel of modern architecture. It is set to become the largest residential building in the world, offering an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort to its residents. With a staggering 1,619 keys, the tower spans over a massive built-up area of 3,517,313 square feet, towering high with 81 floors (G+7+73) above ground. The tower's expansive living space caters to every need of its occupants, offering a truly exclusive lifestyle. The construction of this magnificent structure will be completed within 36 months, with China Railway 18th Bureau Group Ltd. as the main contractor.